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Based on Yanxin's long-term and in-depth understanding of the pharma/medical/food industry and accurate interpretation of the latest industrial regulations, Yanxin provides turnkey project services to our clients with the intention of completing the project in a fast, efficient and high-quality manner with minimum occupation of end-use’s management resources. In addition, the energy-saving and environmental-friendly features of Yanxin 's turnkey projects can help our clients to obtain the target of reducing investment in the whole lifecycle of the project, which also help our clients to achieve better social influence by realizing the promise of energy-saving and environmental protection through the delivered project.

Yanxin has its own production plant for the manufacturing of cleanroom products and core equipments in pharma/medical/food industry. We provide our clients worldwide with the most sophisticated facility. Based on the clients’ requirements, we promise that our projects strictly comply with US FDA cGMP, Euro GMP, China GMP and local regulatory codes and standards. The cleanroom/HVAC/EMS/BMS of Yanxin combines high quality enclosure products, leading HVAC and VHP sterilization technology, as well as technical integration of air conditioning product and related control systems to provide clients with one-stop engineering services covering design, installation, commissioning and verification.