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Technology Transfer
Technology Transfer

Technology transfer enables countries, companies and entrepreneurs to build production capacity of medical products in any site they choose in a short-term. It is a broad concept which encompasses training, direct investment, licensing, movement of people, supply of materials and equipments and other elements. Technology transfer is a series of processes for sharing ideas, knowledge, technology and skills with another individual or institution and of acquisition by the other of such ideas, knowledge, technology and skills. Right now, Yanxin is working together with universities and institutes in pharma/medical/food field to discover new medical products as well as improve existing process and technology. By collaborating with universities and research institutes, we make sure that we provide our clients with the most advanced technology and state of the art products within short time and with high efficiency which will surely benefit our client and local people. Our long-lasting mission is working together with global colleagues in the pharmaceutical community to make life-altering products available to all the common people worldwide.