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Staff Training
Staff Training

Staff training is of great importance to sustainable production capability and product quality in pharma/medical/food factories. It is not only a means to directly improve employees’ ability and skills but also a way to cultivate the belief of quality and the value of good manufacturing practice. Yanxin provides staff training services tailored according to the products, process, regulations and local practice in the manufacturing plants of our clients. The training will be presented in various forms according to the clients’ choice, for example, there will be online course and on-site instruction. Though our training, our clients could make sure that everyone or personnel with any post does qualify and excel on their job which will eventually benefit our clients and local people by bringing high quality life-altering medical products to more common people. Our training service includes but not limit to the following fields.

l  Production

l  Engineering

l  Equipments

l  Cleanroom

l  Maintenance

l  Quality Management System